Allen’s Blog – Connecting Coaches to the Best: Mirror reflection 0

Allen’s Blog – Connecting Coaches to the Best: Mirror reflection

You could see it coming!

Now that we can step back and take in their road to their latest star, Germany’s fourth World Cup win was always in the cards.

The Germans played championship caliber defense throughout, buoyed by the play of Golden Glove winner as the tournament’s best goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer. The Germans allowed only three goals on four clean sheets in 7 games in the tournament as the backline came together, emboldened by cohesion and chemistry.

Offensively, Germany was second to none, scoring 18 goals. They scored in close games and in blowouts. They combined technical ability with tactical acumen, with personal talent and ability to show they are indeed the best of the 203 teams involved in some way shape and form in the 2014 World Cup.

I was fortunate to spend quality time with the current coaching and back room staff of the German National team, just over a year ago in the evenings prior to U.S. soccer’s centenary match vs. Germany in Washington D.C.

The match itself on a particularly humid June afternoon was an interesting affair. On that trip, to be fair, the Germans had a foot in their Holiday plans going up against a MNT side gearing up full throttle for a pivotal stretch of hexagonal World Cup qualifying. The match finished 4-3, the first U.S. win in a stretch of 13 straight without a defeat for the Americans in 2013.

But there is more to the story.

The common thread of course is current MNT coach Jürgen Klinsmann who built his current staff in the mold of his former staff. The common denominators and mirror reflections are striking. Good people, first, talented, hard-working individuals second, first-class professionals, third. Always a winning formula!

You can tell in spending just a modicum of time it takes to really know someone that the German head coach Joachim Löw is a great man and his staff are comprised of great people. Löw’s ascension to the top of the sport lies in part to the uncanny feel for people that Klinsmann possesses, plucking Löw from obscurity to be part of the present and future of German soccer.

What was laid in the foundation of Klinsmann’s vision to remake the Germans, Löw finished perfectly, patiently guiding and recalibrating the path set forth by Klinsmann.

Löw said after the match, “We started this project 10 years ago and this is the result of that work, beginning with Jurgen Klinsmann. Though the years, we were able to increase our performances and make progress. We believed it.”

Very good does things one way, champions do things another way.

The Germans are once again the Weltmeister! The reality is, the collective and individual drive of the Germans coupled with good and talented people makes them the champions they are.

Germany’s fourth World Cup win was always in the cards and Sunday was just public validation for all to see.


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