Brad’s Blog – Belgium, Good-byes & a Thank You 0

Brad’s Blog – Belgium, Good-byes & a Thank You

They say all good things come to an end, and for us it was a little sooner than we would have liked.
The Belgium game didn’t go the way we would have wanted, but we can leave with our heads held high. We had chances, they had chances, but it wasn’t to be for us. When you are together for six straight weeks, every moment of the day, fighting for each other on the pitch, having an experience end the way it did was heartbreaking.
After we got back to Sao Paulo, we were there for less than 24 hours before we all started heading in our separate directions. Everyone said their good-byes, gave hugs, and wished each other good luck! For some, it is right back into the middle of the season and continuing to fight. For others, like myself, two to three weeks of vacation before we report back for preseason and the journey starts again.
There were so many positives to take away from the entire tournament, but I think one of the biggest pluses for us, was the support for the team and growth of the sport back home. We were able to see all the videos from fans, the good luck messages via social media and all the cheers in the stadiums. So thank you for backing us, but this is not the end.
This is hopefully the start of something special. For a new generation of fans, to grasp the world’s game and for the current ones to continue to love the beautiful game and spread the word how great it is!
This World Cup has meant so much to so many people and to have the opportunity to be part of it is something I will never forget. Until next time….

Thank you!