Brad’s Blog: Final Preparations 0

Brad’s Blog: Final Preparations

Final Preparations

Well, since meeting up with the National Team a lot has gone on in camp!

It is an absolute honor to be named to the final 23 man roster for the World Cup and to be fortunate enough to experience my second World Cup is unbelievable. We have been working very hard in training and our main focus is all on Ghana and the start of the Cup!

The travel from Cali to NY and then down to Florida hasn’t been too hard and is something most of us are used to anyway. We know we will have to do some travelling in Brazil so this is just a warm up in that aspect too.

The first game in San Fran was a good result for us, and a difficult game because of the amount of trainings we had leading up to the game. The Turkey game was always going to be a little more difficult, but the guys responded great and earned another win to give us confidence going into the last game of the send off series. It was nice to play the 2nd half and do my part to help the team. We can now start to sense the start of the Cup and this last game against Nigeria will be the closest test to Ghana. Everyone is excited to head to Brazil and the sharpness of the trainings is starting to show that.

One of the coolest parts of the camp and trip so far has been the support from the fans in each city we have been. The first thing to greet us is the USA wrapped bus that takes us to and from each practice and to the games. Everyone honks, claps, waves and shouts at us which is great to see not only excited about our team, but also the love for the game.

The hotel here in Jacksonville is not in the middle of the city, but a small little beach town and every time guys step out for a coffee or a walk there are kids and fans everywhere wishing us luck for the game and for when we get to Brazil! I can only imagine what the excitement level will be like while we are down there and if it is half of what 2010 was like, it will truly be amazing!

The videos and pictures that fans post to social media are so cool, it gives you goose bumps to represent this wonderful country! I will be keeping you all posted as we get down to Brazil and throughout this awesome journey we are all about to embark on!

One Nation, One Team!