Real Madrid Jose Mourinho PM Session – Mike Jacobs 0

Real Madrid Jose Mourinho PM Session – Mike Jacobs

Mike Jacobs, Head Men’s Soccer Coach at the University of Evansville, shares his notes and write up of one of Jose Mourinho’s training sessions.

5:00 PM             Dynamic warm-up – outfield players and goalkeepers break up onto two different fields

5:07 PM                5 v 2 in 10 x 10 grid

5:15 PM             (Diagram A) 5 players with ball dribbling inside grid; 4-5 defenders are spaced out on outside of the grid; on the coach’s command, defenders go through the sticks as quick as they can, and then pressure the ball (they don’t have to win the ball, but they do need to get in there and close the ball down as quickly as possible)

  • 8 second bouts/8 second recovery
  • After 1 minute, players switched roles

5:22 PM                Water Break

5:27 PM                (Diagram B) 4 v 4 to goal with 2 bumpers in neutral bibs behind the attacking players (balls can be played back to neutrals to shoot)

  • 4 defenders were focusing on communicating with each other, closing the ball down and providing cover
  • Attacking players were really trying to play through the back 4 (slip passes, dribble past before shooting) – there was not a lot of space behind the back 4, so it really was an activity for the back four to stay connected and tight
  • Opposite field: 1 player was pulled out for functional shooting activity: combination with coaches to get through Toms/FK dummies – small goal was target to shoot at in the goal

5:38 PM                (Diagram C) 7 v 7 + 2

  • Non-directional
  • Two-touch

5:55 PM                (Diagram D) 10 v 7 to goal

  • Played from midfield in (full width)
  • Starting team attacks a passive defensive team; pressure built up as activity went on
  • Focus of patterned play was- quality of runs from midfield 3 off Higuain (#9) – wingers play narrow in attacking third to run outside/in, and to allow outside backs to get forward; Ozil (#10) ran inside/out; width came from outside backs; decisions of the two holding midfielders (6, 8 ) with the ball; runs of the outside back.
  • When defense won the ball, they either kept the ball or played it back to the coach at midfield
  • Strikers who were not involved were doing functional crossing/finishing on the other side of the field
  • After 8 minutes, players were rotated between the attacking, defending, and functional crossing/finishing

6:10 PM                water break

6:13 PM                11 v 11 in 60 x 50

  • Unrestricted
  • Linesmen watched offside
  • All balls restarted from GK (no throw-ins or corner kicks)

6:24 PM                Cool Down


Entering his seventh season as head coach, Mike Jacobs has made University of Evansville Soccer one of UE’s premier athletic programs.  Jacobs’ professional coaching experience includes assisting with the Long Island Rough Riders, where he worked with former Tampa Bay Mutiny and New York/New Jersey head coach Alfonso Mondelo. He also assisted with the North Jersey Imperials of the USISL, where he coached current United States Under-23 National Team assistant coach Tim Mulqueen. Jacobs has served on the US Soccer and USL Super Y-League national coaching staffs, and has developed a reputation for identifying and developing professional players.  Jacobs holds a USSF ‘A’ license and an NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, in addition to his growing role with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, where he was elected as Secretary in 2011.  Jacobs has written for NSCAA publications, has co-authored a chapter in the Soccer Coaches Bible along with Coach Rennie, and currently writes a column on soccer for the Sunday Evansville Courier & Press.