The Power of Planning – John McGlasson 0

The Power of Planning – John McGlasson

Whatever we are doing in life, there are many factors that can alter or change our direction. Our health, fitness and nutrition are no different. Wherever you decide to go on your journey improve your health, lose weight, run a marathon or develop your fitness to play a sport such as football. There are many reasons for starting a journey and I’m sure many more for stopping or changing direction. We all start a new project with Desire, Motivation and Purpose, but how long does it last and how many of us reach our destination? This reminds me of the words from a favourite TV show of mine, written and uttered by Craig Cash in the BBC sitcom, Early Doors;

“I’ve got great will power in me…,

I’ve stopped smoking several times!”

We have all done it, set out to achieve something and failed on route. I certainly have, I’ve even started again even more determined and still not reached my destination. Whatever your DESTINATION, many things can and will effect your mind and body but only one will ensure you arrive in time. We can all think of several reasons why not to complete something but I can only think of one, “because I want to,” as to why I can.

Whatever it is we want to achieve, the steps are normally very simple. Let’s take losing weight. The first step is to

“burn more calories than you take in.”

You can develop these steps by adding other changes and generally, the more steps you take, the quicker you will arrive at your destination. To increase the calorie deficit a couple of simple steps could be;

1.    A balanced diet – reducing amount of calories in (the more balanced the better).
2.   More exercise – increasing amount of calories out (the better the exercise the better).

Very simple, really. So if it so simple, why do so many people fail? I believe it’s because we don’t plan: “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.”

We all need to assess our journey and plan the route that best suits us. When planning our route, it is best if we try and identify all aspects of our life that may affect our journey, the potential obstacles and diversions. If we are aware of these challenges then we will be better prepared to deal with them. It’s the same with football.  We need to identify all aspects of the game that may distract us from our destination so we can deal with them en route. Some of these aspects we have no control over, such as weather, player’s mistakes and refereeing; however, if we are aware of them we now know we can be better prepared to deal with them.

The five main aspects of football are Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological (mental attributes) and, the most important, Social. It is essential we consider all five when planning our development. It’s no good being able to run 100M in 11 seconds if we can’t kick a ball or we are always offside. It’s no good being able to dribble if we sulk every time we are tackled hard and lose the ball or we are always in great positions to receive the ball when our second touch is a tackle!

We must assess all aspects and plan our route accordingly, if we don’t know where we are going, how will we know when we have arrived? None of us can go back and start again, but we can all review our past experiences, take on board the knowledge gained, start fresh and plan a new and better destination.

 John McGlasson of BIGFOOT Development is an NLP Master Practitioner, UEFA Coach and Personal Trainer. He has appeared on SKY Sports Soccer AM in Kenya, with presenter Rocket where they were working with the Charity Glad’s House, coaching the “Street Children” of Mombasa.