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Lifetime Guarantee

It's been over five years since we introduced our industry leading Lifetime Guarantee program, and we're happy to report that it's been a great success. Although we haven't experienced a significant percentage of product replacement situations, when we have, the Lifetime Guarantee program has been a tremendous benefit to our customers. As the Lifetime Guarantee program has matured, there have been some consistent questions from our customers that we felt would be beneficial to list (see below). As always, we're very appreciative of the continued support that our customers have shown us for almost three decades. Providing a solid, industry leading guarantee on our products is just one small way to say thank you for the loyalty that you have shown for our company and the products we proudly produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Kwik Goal's Lifetime Guarantee actually mean?

In plain speak, the Lifetime Guarantee simply means we believe in the quality of our equipment and that the products are free of defects in material and/or workmanship for the “useful” life of the product. The Lifetime Guarantee does not cover products that have been vandalized, neglected, misused or abused.


2. What does the term "lifetime" actually refer to?

Each product that Kwik Goal produces has a unique anticipated Lifespan. Some products like soccer goals last longer than other less durable items like nets. Kwik Goal's Lifetime Guarantee is in place to ensure that our customers have use of their Kwik Goal product for the entire anticipated lifespan of the product.


3. Can I return a product to the Authorized Kwik Goal Dealer I originally purchased my Kwik Goal product from to process a Lifetime Guarantee claim?

No. The Lifetime Guarantee program is a factory direct program that has been designed specifically to expedite each request outside of the Kwik Goal dealer network. Kwik Goal will not honor any Lifetime Guarantee requests that originate from a Kwik Goal dealer. 


4. What happens if I return a used Kwik Goal product under the Lifetime Guarantee program and it's deemed by Kwik Goal that the product has reached its anticipated lifespan and has failed because of reasons unrelated to materials or workmanship?

Kwik Goal has received product in the past from customers under the Lifetime Guarantee program that was simply old or heavily used. In these cases in which the Lifetime Guarantee program is not applicable we will return the product to you. We are also committed to help you find a preferred Kwik Goal dealer to replace the products in question at a fair price.


5. Do I really need to return a larger item like a full size goal to Kwik Goal to have the Lifetime Guarantee policy fulfilled?

Not always. For larger items like goals and shelters please contact our Returns Department. A Kwik Goal representative will discuss your product concern and fashion a plan of action that makes the most sense.


6. What's the best way to go about returning product to Kwik Goal under the Lifetime Guarantee policy after I've discarded the product's shipping box and packaging?

Most UPS stores or other mailing service companies have packaging products that will accommodate your Kwik Goal product return.


7. Does the Lifetime Guarantee program apply to Kwik Goal's full line of products?

The only products that aren't covered directly under the Lifetime Guarantee program are custom products, nets and transportable seating. Kwik Goal will work with you to find an acceptable outcome that meets our high standards of customer service should a custom item prove to have defects in material or workmanship.


8. What's the best way to maximize the lifespan of my Kwik Goal product?

The sun and weather are the two biggest factors that contribute to the wear and tear of most athletic equipment. Storing equipment during the off-season or down times in play will help control the ultraviolet radiation exposure that breaks down many plastic based products.

Keeping equipment in storage will also limit the product's exposure to equipment damaging weather issues like temperature change, evaporation, freeze/thaw cycles and heavy winds.

Removing bigger items like goals and team seating into secure areas will also limit the potential for vandalism and damage due to major weather events.



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