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Elite Staff Shelter I (Custom)


$6,750.00 Each
Product No: 9B1101C
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Height: 6 1/2' | Width: 9'
| Base: 5'
Weight: 390 lbs.
Material: All-aluminum
Finish: Powder coated
  • Smoke-colored Lexan® polycarbonate panels
  • 9' bench with back

The Elite Staff Shelter compliments the Elite Team Shelter and is designed to protect the coaches, administrators, referees and the scorer’s table.  The Elite Staff Shelter is 9 feet long, and comes with a bench that includes a storage shelf behind it.

The Elite Staff Shelter offers a custom color option, meaning it can be tailored to the color of the school or club.  Standard stock colors include: White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Navy Blue and Royal Blue.  Please allow up to 2 weeks to customize and ship when a stock color is selected.

Also on offer are the colors from the Dupont RAL color system.  Please contact Kwik Goal for assistance in selecting a Dupont RAL color, and please allow up to 4 weeks to customize and ship the shelters.

This equipment must be stored in a secure, sheltered area when not in use or in the threat of high winds.  Any weather damage to this equipment will not be covered under the Kwik Goal Lifetime Guarantee.  Do not leave this equipment unattended.



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